What is Travel Display?

Welcome to Travel Display! It lets you display live departure times for public transport in London, and live rail departure times countrywide.

Choose which stations or stops your customers may be interested in, how many you want to display at a time, and you are ready to go! Live information can be displayed and constantly refreshed on any internet-connected web-browser.

Also include your own advertising alongside or alternating with departure times! Refresh or update this advertising any time you want, from a different computer if you prefer so that your main display remains available for customer viewing.

Why Travel Display?

Attract customers into your premises, and make sure they don't miss their connection.

Give your customers realtime travel information so that they know if they can spend extra time with you. And advertise to them at the same time!

Use an old PC, laptop, or TV with built-in Internet browser to display the information, or alternatively buy a small PC or Raspberry Pi to fit behind an existing one.

Affordable Pricing



  • 1 Location

  • Random Advertisements

  • Random Messages



£9.00 / month
  • 3 Locations (additional locations £2.00 / month)

  • Custom Advertisements

  • Custom Messages

  • Travel Disruptions

Who we are

We are Henson IT Solutions, an IT Software company based in Croydon, London. We provide any IT solutions, such as Websites, Web Applications, Bespoke software and Mobile Applications. Along with Travel Display, we have created other applications to make your daily life that little bit easier. Check them out below!

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